World of Warcraft: Shadowlands Introducing Ray Tracing for RTX Nvidia GPUs

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Even though World of Warcraft is quite an old game, the developers at Blizzard managed to gradually upgrade the game ant its graphics to such an extent that the game still looks great today. The Legion extension has brought new and much-needed new higher resolution textures to all monsters and NPCs, and the upcoming Shadowlands will further upgrade the visual aspects.

The latest Shadowlands expansion is currently in alpha testing, and players have noticed a new option withing system settings. It’s the famous Ray Tracing, currently only supported by Nvidia RTX graphics cards. This option cannot be enabled at this time, so, unfortunately, we cannot exactly see how it will look. But it will happen soon. But of course, as mentioned before, you are going to need a gaming PC with an RTX graphics card. Or an RTX laptop to play WoW Shadowlands with Ray Tracing enabled.

Shadowlands will not only bring more beautiful shadows and light but will also improve the characters’ facial expressions and textures, which will be much more detailed.

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