Valorant, a newest gaming sensation from Riot Games.

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Image Credits: Riot Games

Valorant from Riot Games is a gaming sensation like no other since the outbreak of Fortnite back in 2017. For quite some time now, we have been able to watch the biggest streamers on Twitch, who are breaking many records by playing Valorant. In just a week, a sum of total view hours was 148.7 million. In the last two years, only one game has managed to reach a number that big. That was Fortnite. And only after a month of playing, while Valorant did in just one week.

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What do we know about Valorant from the beta version?

Riot Games created Valorant as a multiplayer FPS game, which is very similar to CS: GO in terms of gameplay. Apart from that, it also includes elements from Overwatch, as the player chooses between several agents who have unique abilities. For example, the grenades and smoke grenades cannot be purchased, but can only be used as spells by some agents.

The shopping system is practically the same as in CS: GO, as the player can buy weapons before each round, ranging from knives and pistols to assault and sniper rifles. After usage, it is necessary to purchase the agent’s unique abilities. If a player runs out of money, he can ask a teammate for a weapon. The gunplay is also similar to CS: GO – quite accurate and focused on recoil control. Besides, players also use their agents’ abilities, such as various bombs or grenades, ordinary and poisonous smoke, slows, cameras to reveal the location of opponents and similar.

Image Credits: Riot Games

The game’s object is to set a bomb called a spike, and the opponent’s team tries to prevent them from doing so. The game lasts 25 rounds, and the team that reaches 13 rounds first wins. For now, the differences in rounds don’t count, so no overtime is possible.

Agents and Maps

Valorant in beta offers 3 maps: Haven, Bind, and Split, and players can choose from agents that are Sage, Brimstone, Raze, Jett, Breach, Phoenix, Viper, Cypher, Owl and Omen. Each of them has four unique skills: two of these (C and Q) the player buys before the start of the round, one regenerates with time (E), and the ultimate ability (X) which is slowly acquiring by gaining kills and excellent performance in the game and has the longest cooldown.

We can, of course, expect that, Riot Games will release new maps, agents, and also game modes. Thus keeping the game as agile as possible.
In beta, they will also start testing the rated system in a few weeks. Players will be ranked, according to their performance in the game, from the lowest Mercenary to the highest Valorant.

When is Valorant going to be released?

There is no exact release date yet, but it is planned in summer 2020. The game will be free-to-play, but it will be possible to buy a battle pass to win various prizes and visual skins in the game. Valorant will be playable on most computers as the system requirements are not that high.

Valorant System Requirements

Minimum Spec – 30 frames per second:

CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E8400
GPU: Intel HD 4000

Recommended Spec – 60 frames per second:

CPU: Intel i3-4150
GPU: Geforce GT 730

High-end Spec – 144+ frames per second:

CPU: Intel Core i5-4460 3.2GHz
GPU: GTX 1050 Ti

PC Hardware Requirements:

OS: Windows 7/8/10 64-bit



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