Blizzard working on Overwatch 2, Starcraft FPS canceled.

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The website Kotaku, a well-known site for its credible rumors (which are often proven to be true) has released a new one.

This time it comes the Blizzard’s, that the developer diligently working on the sequel of its multiplayer FPS Overwatch.

There are no much details, though. Overwatch 2 is supposed to have game elements as the original, additionally, it would also present a PvE mode, a coop mode with other players, comparable to Left 4 Dead.

Blizzard is also rumored to have been developing a first-person shooter, going on in the Starcraft universe. But it’s heard that the project was recently canceled because the developer wanted to focus on Overwatch for 2 and a Diablo 4. This is the second canceled Starcraft project. Many older gamers may remember third-person FPS the Ghost, which has been officially announced but never released.

What would it mean for players of the original Overwatch it is hard to say. It would probably be the vast majority of more players moving on a sequel, which would devastate the base of the players of the original. Also, there is no information about system requirements. So we cannot say what PC or a laptop will be able to run Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2 is supposed to be the official reveal at this year’s BlizzCon, which will take place year in November.

What to expect?

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