Playing World of Warcraft on Laptop vs. Desktop – Pros and Cons

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One of the most frequently asked questions that I get is what kind of computer should I buy for WoW? Is a laptop a good choice, or I instead buy a desktop PC? It all comes to what you expect from a computer, what you want to do with it, and how serious you are of a World of Warcraft player. Casual laptop gaming is fine, but if you want to progress in endgame raiding or compete in PvP, it’s better to invest in a proper gaming desktop for World of Warcraft that will fit not only your WoW needs but also other games.

Laptops are perfect for casual dungeon runs and questing while sitting on the couch or commuting around without venturing too far out of home away from a power source. So they provide perfect gaming conditions while sitting comfortably at home.

World of Warcraft – Laptop Vs. Desktop Most Important Factors

Let’s see the pros and cons of some of the essential aspects of playing World of Warcraft on a laptop vs. desktop.

Portability. WoW on the go.

If portability is your primary necessity, playing World of Warcraft on a laptop is your thing. You can play the game anywhere in the house, and you can always move it to make space for something else. Especially if you are not someone that likes sitting in one place for very long and you prefer laying down, being in the dining room, whatever. You can also take it over other people’s houses easily, or even on your travels. If you don’t need mobility, absolutely buy a desktop instead. You’ll get so much more bang for your buck.


Yes, laptops are far more expensive than equivalent desktops. So you’ll end up paying almost double for a worthwhile laptop compared to a desktop. That’s the fact, and you must take it into consideration.

Upgradability. What if WoW runs slow?

If you need a faster machine for whatever reason, upgrading a laptop is generally not possible. In the case of desktop PCs, you don’t have to worry about that. If World of Warcraft runs a bit sluggish od your PC and you need a performance boost, all you have to do is buy a new video card or processor and plug it in. Also, upgrading your desktop will not be as expensive as buying a whole new laptop with comparable specs.


Cooling inside a laptop.To balance portability and performance, gaming laptops especially have inferior cooling systems compared to desktops which can easily reach up to 80% efficiency at load. That also means that the components inside will fail sooner because they work for more extended periods at higher temperatures, which entails a shorter lifespan. Having a proper cooling system around those components inside a computer will make them last much longer. Also, the thinner the laptop, the less ventilation.

Screen size matters in World of Warcraft.

Big gaming monitor on a desk.While gaming laptops are fine for many people, you may be one of those who never come around those simply due to the screen size. For example, sitting behind a 34-inch screen, a sudden 15″ or 17″ would be an unimaginable downgrade. Unless you travel a lot or you have no space for a desktop, you would instead want to play World of Warcraft on a bigger screen. It’s just more pleasant. People often neglect how important monitors can be for a great gaming experience.


It’s all about what’s practical for you. For instance, a desktop wouldn’t last long if you have small kids. But, on the other hand, you can easily remove a laptop from their reach between WoW playing sessions. So using a laptop would be quite practical in this case.

Ergonomics. Don’t let playing World of Warcraft hurt your back.

Unhealthy posture while gaming on a laptop.The ergonomic is obviously pretty terrible on a laptop. As many gamers prefer, the screen is too low, and the keyboard is flat with no travel on the keys. However, you can make it comfortable if you plug in another monitor, a keyboard, and a mouse and play on a desk. This way, you will be in more ergonomic positions that don’t cramp you up.

To Sum Up

It’s best to have both, right? Joking aside. Generally, if you plan to always game at home, go with a desktop machine as PCs are cheaper and more upgradable. And playing World of Warcraft is much more comfortable behind the desk on a big screen. On the other hand, a gaming laptop is an excellent choice for people who usually travel a lot or don’t have space for a desktop. And if your budget allows it, you can always buy an external gaming monitor, mouse, and keyboard and play the game “desktop-wize”.

I hope it helps. Happy WoW gaming!


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