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Bartender 4 is the most used ActionBar replacement addon. Using it you can fully customization most aspects of your user interface, especially action bars. Also comes in very handy with one of the most usable and versatile guides, Zygor Guides – the best for questing and leveling up your character in WoW.

WoW 8.0 and Battle for Azeroth
The most recent version of Bartender is fully compatible with Battle for Azeroth

What are the main features?

  • It can manipulate with all the Action Bars and all related bars

    – 10 Action Bars
    – Stance Bar
    – Pet Bar
    – Bag Bar
    – Micro Menu
    – XP/Reputation Bar

  • All Bars are fully customizable. You can scale up to your needs, set the alpha level, fade-out settings, etc, …
  • Depending on your Macros it is very flexible and customizable
  • You can have multiple Layouts and Pages for you Action Bars

    – Depending on (Warriors) stance or Modifier the Page changes accordigly
    – Possess Bar support

  • You can hide/show specific elements of the buttons (HotKey, Macro Text, etc)
  • It supports StickyFrames
  • It supports Masque/ButtonFacade
  • You can easily bind keys to specific action button using KeyBound
  • You can hide the default blizzard artwork

Questions and Answers
Q: Where is the Configuration?
A: There is a button within Bartender4 LDB plugin or you can open it with the console command: /bt or /bartender

Q: Who do I bind keys to specific actions?
A: Bartender4 buttons do not automatically inherit keybindings from the Blizzard bars (except for Bar 1), you have to use the new KeyBound to re-bind your keys. You can access KeyBound by its slash command (/kb) or through the button in the BT4 config. Hover a button, press key → voila!

Q: Can I skin the buttons beyond the built-in options?
A: Bartender4 allows skinning through Masque! After installing both Bartender4 and Masque, you can customize the BT4 appearance in the Masque options.

Q: Is it possible to enable/disable bars snapping and how to do it?
A: The snapping is on by default. You can override this by holding down the Shift Key when you move the bars around the screen. There is also an option when you bars are unlocked to uncheck it.

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