There are more than 17 thousand addons for WoW only on the most known platform CurseForge. So one may ask how on Earth it is possible to choose the right ones to ease our gameplay? Which ones are really good and we really benefit from using them? I will mention a few of them that are really a must-have.

Zygor Guides

This is a collection of guides for leveling up, gathering, making gold, running dungeons, etc. Personally, one of the most helpful addons if you honor your (paid) playtime. It shows you everything you need to know for leveling up your character, where to go, which quests to take, etc. It also helps you level up your professions, earn gold with them and so on. When they first made this addon back in the days of Burning Crusade, it was mainly for questing, but nowadays it offers much much more. But it comes with a price of 7.99 dollars per month.

Deadly Boss Mods

One of the really useful ones is Deadly Boss Mods. If you run dungeons or raids you really shouldn’t be without it. At each boss fight, you have all the alerts about the mechanics of a fight. It tells you when or where to move, what to do, when to strike with all your available spells, when to take cover, etc. All depending on which class you play. Timers are all synced among all the players so there couldn’t be any misunderstanding among them.


Personally, I always install this addon FIRST. As you already know, in the default interface there are five bag slots. For each of them, there is a separate inventory window. It is beyond annoying clicking to every one of them to find a certain item you need or just collected. Especially with larger bags and having lots of different items in your possession.

This addon combines all the bags into one big window. There is also a button to automatically sort items by type and item quality. This way you can easily sell grey items when you come back from questing to the vendor. You can also view items having them on your alts.

Bartender 4

Original WoW interface hasn’t changed a lot since vanilla. It lacks customization options. Bartender gives you the ability to manage ten action bars to your needs. You can change the position, size, transperancy…

Personally, I find it very useful since I use Corsair Scimitar Pro MMO mouse with 3×4 button grid. With Bartender, you are able to make the grid exactly the same (3×4) and bind the keys to the ones of a mouse.