As I mentioned before in my previous article about which is the best laptop to play World of Warcraft, in my opinion, there is no gaming laptop good enough under 500$. They all have integrated graphics cards which really isn’t enough to run the game flawlessly. Especially when you do the raiding or battlegrounds, where a lot of players appear in a small area. Also, all the graphics effects from spells are quite a task for a graphics card.

I noticed lots of people asking about Acer Aspire E15. No way, don’t go there. It has an integrated Intel UHD Graphics 620, which just isn’t enough for a task. Even when the Legion expansion it wasn’t enough as the requirements were like ” Nvidia GeForce GTX 750″. But now in 2018 with Battle for Azeroth, the requirements are even greater.

If you are looking for an Acer, you need at least let’s say some Acer Nitro 5. But it costs more than 500 bucks.

In my opinion, good gaming computers that would last at least a few years, start with 1000$. This is some limit where you get a decent processor and GPU. And nowadays SSD drive is a must. Hard disk drives (those with spinning plates) are just obsolete, slow and unreliable. It is a shame they still sell laptops with those crappy disks. Also, you won’t be able to get a decent screen for that price range. Majority of the laptops in this range have 1366 x 768 resolution which sucks, really.

I warmly advise you to stay away from this thought 🙂 If you have a limited budget and want to play WoW I say to you, wait a month or two, go grab some word, spare some money and buy something worth the coin. At least you won’t be asking your self the same question after one year passes when your low budget 500 bucks quazi-gaming laptop becomes obsolete.

My 2 cents. 😉

Take care.